Hello, My Name is Moose.


Moose is one years old hes a total goofball loves to run and play good with other dogs and cats... he is scared of children we think its do to his prior life.. hes not aggressve toward them just scared


Hello, My Name is Diego.


Diego is 11 months very friendly gets along with all animal and especially loves children and good with special needs kids


Hello, My Name is Estrella.


I am only 11 months.  Until I got to GPRescue, I was never allowed outside my Kennel, My Kennel is my Safe Place where I go when I'm Scared or uncertain. I like my Foster and I'm feeling much more secure.

I really Like to play and I'm great around kids and cats.


OK OK...  I know I'm handsome.. you can stop ogling over me..  I'm more then just a pretty face.


My name is Odin.. In Norse mythology, Odin is the god of wisdom.

I'm Great with livestock, Chickens Goats and even Alpaca's.

Great around people and children. 

I am up to date on all of my shots 

I am a bit of a runner so you will need to have a good fence..

I'm ready to go to my Furever home


My name is Ivan..  But I like to be called Ivan the Great.

When I came to GPRescue I had a bit of a skin issue and had some really bad hot spots..  But GPRescue and my Foster are taking care of me and I am healing very nicely.

I'm at my best when I am the only dog in the house because I really love my Human and don't want to share them.. 

I am UTD on all of my shots and am ready for you to Adopt me.


Hey, My name is Batya which means Daughter of God. I escaped from a puppy mill and was wondering the streets for months before GPRescue saved me. GPRescue took me to their Vet and had me all fixed up.  I have been spayed and am up to date on all of my shots, they even micro chipped me so I will never be lost again. I am great with live stock and love to work.

Will you be my Furever Home.

Im ready.

Today 8/9/2019 is the first day of my New Life..  I GOT ADOPTED

Hello, My name is Hope. My Mom Batya, and I escaped together from a Puppy Mill.  My mom took great care of me while we were on the run.... I am so glad that GPRescue found us cause I was getting really hungry and Tired.  GPRescue took me in and made sure I saw the Vet right away...  I'm spayed and up to date on all of my shots.. Just like my Mom, I also have a Micro Chip..

I hope you will adopt me so that I can Love you forever.


Hey YousGuys, My name is Louie. 

Some really nice people found me tied up to a fence and boy was it hot outside. They tell me I am a Pyr/Burm mountain dog... But  I didn't care, because they gave me water and food and it felt good to get out of the heat..

Well after 3 weeks, my new friends contacted GPRescue and now I'm loving life at my foster home..

I didn't know that I was broken, but they say I need to be fixed before I can be adopted... Hope that don't hurt

Will you adopt me and take me home...  I will love you furever.