Pyr's in Need

Good Afternoon everyone, I was contacted today by a woman named Jessica Durham. She lives in Ava, MO and has over the years rescued stray Pyrenees or saved them from neglectful, horrible situations. Currently she has 9 Great Pyrenees in her care. She has recently fallen on hard times and has reached out looking for help. These dogs have gone from being use to being fed 2 times a day, to once a day, to sometimes every other day or not at all. This morning she had to feed them brown rice and mackerel because she has absolutely no dog food to feed them.I am asking if all of us could join together to help this her out of a tight bind. 

Bear Needs a Home

Bear has had to move to a new location due to his parents having to relocate. He has been comfortable on his 15 acres and now has resigned to live in a community where he does not have the freedom to stretch his legs. Lets help Bear find a New, Loving home.